"I'm always happy to inspire other mums out there to create cute food art for their kids. It doesn't have to be done every day; just try it once in a while..." - Samantha Lee

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates fun, creative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and over half a million followers.

"Lee's food creations are anything but ordinary" - Huffington post
"...an online food star thanks to the whimsical, colorful and imaginative meals she whips up.." - Today.com

She started creating food art back in December 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and adventurously and started sharing her food artwork on Instagram in 2011.

"Art that looks good enough to eat!" - Dailymail UK

Her creative and unique ways of approaching mealtimes has garnered her international attention from the likes of Buzzfeed, Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post, ABC news, InStyle, MSN, Today.com, Yahoo!, E!Online, TMZ, The Rachael Ray Show, and People magazine.

"Samantha can seriously do anything with food!" - Yahoo! Screen

Samantha's approach is unique, fuss free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She doesn't believe in wasting food and is a strong believer of utilising fresh and healthy ingredients."Samantha Lee uses her artistic abilities with food for the power of good..."-Epicurious

"...a very talented artist and terrific mom!" - Rachael Ray Show